1. "Never trust anybody who reads weird books."
    — "Folie a Deux," Ross E. Lockhart

  2. "My kind of horror is not horror anymore.
    No one’s afraid of a painted monster."
    — Targets (1968), screenplay by Peter Bogdanovich
  3. A French edition of Malpertuis by Jean Ray. I love this cover!



  5. "To Heaven or to Hell, to the grave or to the stars…"
    — Gothic (1986), screenplay by Stephen Volk
  6. 31 Days of Hellboy: David Petersen

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  7. An illustration from The Sociable Ghost by Olive Harper (1903)

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  8. Lately I’ve gotten kind of addicted to these guys. I’ve got all of them that I want except for Ash and NES Jason. Sam is still my favorite.

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  9. From “The Whittier Legacy,” one of my very favorite Hellboy stories.

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  10. Baltimore: Chapel of Bones


  11. "… and within his tale itself there is another kind of darkness, a history hidden from the light of narrative: shadowed, secret, and thus ineradicable."
    — "The Photographer’s Tale," Daniel Mills

  12. "It always is Christmas Eve, in a ghost story."
    — Jerome K. Jerome